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Mould Busters
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Mould Busters

An almost magical method of stopping condensation and black mould in its tracks.

We use a market leading Positive Input Ventilation system that displaces all the damp, moist air in your property with drier, filtered, tempered air.

For properties with a loft, we recommend a Nuaire Drimaster and for properties without lofts (such as ground floor flats, flat roofed properties or properties with cathedral ceilings) we recommend a Nuaire Flatmaster. Both systems have the added benefit of reducing radon levels and lowering allergen levels creating a much healthier living environment.

Typically, for a two bedroom house or flat, during the winter months, these systems use 6 watts of electricity per hour so only cost in the region of 15p a week to run.

Both Drimasters and Flatmasters come supplied and fitted by our engineers including electrical certificates.

Both systems are fully guaranteed for 5 years but we also give our personal guarantee that if it hasn't worked within a month, we will remove the system and give you your money back in full!

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